Helping to build a better world for future generations

At Sustain Quality, we understand that the planning, design and construction of infrastructure at all levels can support, connect and improve our communities.

We’re dedicated to helping businesses create a better world for tomorrow by adopting sustainable approaches, integrating environmental knowledge and expertise, while creating infrastructure that can be enjoyed by new generations far in the future.

Sustainable Infrastructure with Sustain Quality

An integrated design that starts from the earliest stages of development is always the one that’s going to yield the best results for your business.

In order to achieve sustainable development that encompasses economic, social and environmental factors, the national planning policy must also be implemented.

At Sustain Quality, we support architects, construction companies and planning consultants to integrate the planning system into their work to save time and money, while working to create a sustainable built environment for everyone.

Sustainable Infrastructure Sustain Quality

Sustainability assessments that work for you

Considering economic, social and environmental opportunities, we work with our clients to provide an integrated service that supports your planning applications, building regulations and sustainability.

Following guidelines like the London Plan and BREEAM assessments that ask companies to demonstrate sustainability in all areas of construction, we are able to help you maximise returns, attract new clients and create a built environment where people are happy to live and work.

We conduct thorough life cycle assessments and consider factors such as overheating, SAP and SBE that feed into the goals set out in the Energy Strategy to make sure every development is giving back in some way.

Solutions that comply with and local national policy

We work with our clients to improve their projects based on our own years of expertise, but also based on a number of policies and statements on both a national and local level.

These policies include:
1. National Planning Policy Framework
2. UK Sustainability Statement
3. Building Regulations (Part L)
4. BREEAM – NC2018 and International

At Sustain Quality, we also have close relationships with local Councils which allows us to review local policies, guidelines and strategies that ensure successful projects for our clients.

Sustainable Infrastructure Sustain Quality

BREEAM Assessments

Sustain Quality provides independent third party certification

Sustainable Infrastructure Sustain Quality

Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) or Whole Life Cycle Assessments (WLC) are important

Sustainable Infrastructure Sustain Quality

Energy Modelling

An Energy Statement is a detailed calculation report submitted

Sustainable Infrastructure Sustain Quality

Thermal Analysis

As the risk of overheating in buildings is increased by external temperatures


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