Buildings that benefit the planet, at every stage of their life.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) or Whole Life Cycle Assessments (WLC) are important considerations of every project we work on at Sustain Quality. By carrying out these assessments, we’re able to predict the total carbon emissions of a building throughout every stage of its life.

We can work together to factor in how emissions are created, and come up with workable solutions to help you recycle emissions. From the foundations of the building, to the smallest details, we make sure we’ve factored in everything to ensure your project uses the lowest amounts of carbon possible.

As construction standards increase and many companies strive for improved environmental performance and net-zero carbon emissions, LCA is an extremely important consideration. In some areas–like London–it’s also a mandatory planning condition, as well as being required in order to get a BREEAM rating.

Life Cycle Assessment Sustain Quality

Life Cycle Assessments by experts at Sustain Quality

We work with customers who need mandatory LCA’s, and those voluntarily choosing to carry out these assessments to lower their project’s carbon footprint for a sustainable built environment.

Our process includes planning, modelling and managing. We start by covering all of the proposed ideas and policies that need to be adhered to, then we model the carbon emissions on-site.

After this we can provide you with continual management during and post-construction where we track progress and see how the outcomes compare to initial targets.

Our comprehensive solutions at Sustain Quality include an in-depth assessment into the potential carbon footprint of your project, covering Energy Strategies, BREEAM, Circular Economy Statements and TM59 Overheating Analysis.

We offer a mix of in-house and outsourced solutions, combined with our experienced building services engineers who are on hand to assist our clients at every stage of development with a range of sustainability and compliance solutions.

Why work with Sustain Quality?

We have a vast range of knowledge and experience when it comes to Life Cycle Assessments, and we understand how to get the most out of your project to keep its carbon footprint low.

We provide our customers with enhanced support and advice through all stages of development, including detailed recommendations for reducing the impact your building has on the environment, how to choose the right materials, find the right suppliers and identify the most efficient designs.

Improve your profits and create a better built environment using our expert Life Cycle Assessment modelling solutions at Sustain Quality.


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