Understanding The Contents of Energy Statement London

Before jumping into the contents of Energy statement in London, let’s have a look in brevity about what an energy statement is. There are a lot of energy rules and policies which are required to be followed according to the law. To check whether your building is in accordance with these policies and is rated high on the scale of sustainability, a statement on the requirement of energy by the building is written. This is commonly referred to as an Energy Statement for planning.

This statement is considered as a legal document which tells if a building is emitting carbon and if yes then on what scale? And how much renewable energy is the building in question targeting to achieve over a specific time period. This includes the plans of the building about its development and the objectives regarding the saving and utilizing of energy and a detail about how the building is planning to achieve those objectives. At some point, this document also provides a road map to reduce the carbon emission and ways to make sure that your energy conserving plans are meeting your targets.

Energy Statement For Planning Sustain Quality

Energy Statement for planning

Requirement of Energy Statement London:

Whenever you start a construction project domestic or commercial, the local authorities might require an energy statement attached to your application for construction. These energy statements show how you strategize on making efficient and attainable energy conserving targets and what is your strategy to reduce the carbon footprints.

Energy statement London is an overall economic, environmental, social and ecological plan to conserve and smartly utilize energy for the whole London for the next 20 years and the vision of this plan is to go for zero carbon emission. We, at Sustain energy, help you make your building’s energy statement with gradual progression towards attaining the zero-carbon emission goal.

Contents of The Energy statement:

It contains many calculations known as SBEM calculations, which tell the existing status of a building or development on energy usage and saving and plans of the development to achieve the target set by local authorities figuratively.

  • The statement also reveals the calculated percentage of carbon emitted by the building and what improvement the company or building will apply to reduce these footprints.
  • The demand of energy required by the building
  • How the building or development contributes in renewing the energy and the sources of energy
  • Which kind of technology and equipment the development is using and what is the benefit of using such equipment and technology.
  • Where the local heat networks are located
  • Water saving methods and proper drainage plans so that the wastes cannot harm anyone
  • The plans on getting hot water, proper lighting and ventilation in the building
  • In comparison with the permissible limits, where do your strategies stand?

Our Consultancy:

If you want the local authorities to pass your energy statement without objections, you need experts to guide you and we are the experts that are ready to help you so that after investing your precious time and money, you don’t have to see them go waste when your submission gets rejected. Our sustainability consultants have proper credentials and whatever your project is they will give a detailed report on the energy status and will make accurate forecasts for usage and conserving. Our experts will also tell you cost effective methods so that your targets can be achieved without any additional efforts and investment. We also help you if you plan to extend the development to get some more area under it but are unsure whether it would increase your energy consumption so much and also if you want to change the whole purpose of the building and require new equipment for that, our experts are there to help you with all the energy calculations.