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SAP, SBEM, and EPC Energy Statement

Energy Statement

SAP, SBEM, EPC – Energy Modelling

An Energy Statement is a detailed calculation report submitted with a Planning Application that shows how a development will achieve the local authority’s emissions target.

New houses or apartments blocks will each need a SAP calculation completed. Any building, which is not a dwelling, will require an SBEM calculation. These calculations should ideally happen as early a possible in the design. They lead to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) respectively.

We also provide Energy Modelling, which is the virtual simulation of a building that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of energy-related items such as air conditioning, lights and hot water. It also evaluates the payback of green energy solutions.

Energy-Analysis or Energy-modelling is used to:

  • Predict the monthly energy consumption and bills
  • Compare and contrast different efficiency options
  • Determine life cycle payback on various options
  • Predict the annual energy cost
  • Annual CO2 emissions

We also offer design stage and as-built EPC’s.

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