Why Are SBEM Calculations Important? Sustain Quality

The standards for energy efficiency are becoming
increasingly rigorous, posing challenges for developers and property builders.

All new properties should comply with Part L2A of the
Building Regulations in England and Wales and should be taken into consideration
at design stage.

A SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a computer program that provides a detailed analysis of a building’s energy consumption for commercial buildings.

SBEM calculations are required for all newly built non-domestic units with a heated or cooled environment and an internal floor area greater than 50m2 to ensure they will meet the requirements of Part L2A of the Building Regulations.

SBEM calculations assess the overall thermal efficiency of
the building. Additionally, it assesses the amount of energy that will be
required for internal services. These are:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Hot water

It calculates monthly energy use and carbon dioxide
emissions of a building and uses the construction, use, HVAC, lighting, and
geometry of the building to make the calculation.

When Are SBEM Calculations Needed?

SBEM calculations are required for new build commercial
buildings, extensions and refurbishments. Typically, SBEM calculations are
undertaken both before and after project completion.

The stage before the project has been built is known as the
‘as design’ stage, and ‘as built’ when the project has completed.

The SBEM calculations produce a BRUKL Report. This shows the energy efficiency
rating for the building.

The project passes Building Regulations Part L2 when a
Building Emission Rate (BER) is lower than the Target Emission Rate (TER).

Why Are SBEM Calculations Important?

As Design

SBEM calculations are important during both ‘as design’ and
‘as built’ stage due to a number of factors.

During the As Design Stage, an SBEM calculation may
anticipate any potential barriers in achieving compliance with Building

We recommend that you do this early in the process as it
will reduce your costs and will provide you with more flexibility regarding
materials and energy-efficient systems used.

It is important to note that without a Design Stage SBEM
calculation, building control bodies cannot allow construction on the
commercial building to commence.

As Built

During the As Built Stage, it’s important that the SBEM
calculation is carried out so that building control can sign the project off.

If alterations on the building have been carried out, this
will be incorporated into the As Built SBEM calculation.

The property cannot be issued with an Energy Performance
Certificate (EPC) until the SBEM calculation has passed the required targets.

Why Are SBEM Calculations Important To Us?

Sustain Quality has a vision for designing sustainable
buildings across sectors. We help clients make better decisions, integrate
sustainability into their projects and create innovative solutions.

We also aim to make your building process as smooth and
efficient as possible, providing you with certification that enables you to achieve
completion and compliance.

By reducing energy demand and increasing supply through
renewable energy sources, Sustain Quality will enable users to benefit from
more sustainable, reliable energy sources in the future.  

If you would like any more information on how we can provide you with energy statements to meet your local authority’s emission target-whether it is an SAP or SBEM calculation-get in touch today.

Why Are SBEM Calculations Important? Sustain Quality