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BREEAM In-Use Assessments

Supporting the improvement of all buildings, wherever they are in their sustainability journey.

Our experienced team of engineers specialise in BREEAM In-Use, a performance-based assessment and certification scheme for commercial and residential buildings in-use. Since its creation in 2009, BREEAM In-Use has been used by thousands of assets in more than 30 countries to showcase high standards of environmentsocial and governance (ESG) performance. 

Why adopt BREEAM In-Use

BREEAM In-Use provides an independent certification of your building’s sustainability. Its industry-leading standards drive environmental performance and occupant health and wellbeing, with emphasis on resilience to climate change, social value and circular economy principles. 

How BREEAM In-Use works

Our engineers rate your commercial or residential asset in two parts:

Part 1 - Asset Performance: the performance of the asset’s construction

Part 2 - Building Management: the management of the asset

These ratings are scored against key environmental categories that provide a comprehensive assessment of your building’s environmental performance and management:

The BREEAM In-use measures a range of criteria in each Part:

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 10.54.09


Encourages sustainable practices throughout your asset’s lifecycle, ensuring all building users have appropriate guidance to help maximise sustainable performance.

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Health & Wellbeing

Encourages the provision of healthy, safe, comfortable and accessible environments for building users, both internally and externally.

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Encourages a reduction in energy use by identifying buildings with lower operational energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

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Encourages building users to access local amenities and sustainable means of transport, such as public transport. 

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Encourages sustainable water use by identifying how to reduce water consumption over your building’s lifetime.

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Encourages careful and responsible use of resources, including materials and waste, with a focus on circular economy and waste hierarchy.

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Encourages consideration and management of your asset’s exposure to risks, such as climate-related risks, watercourse pollution, material damage and physical security. 

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Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 10.55.18

Land Use & Ecology

Encourages awareness of your site’s ecological value, and any potential impact on this, enabling you to establish long term maintenance strategies. 


Encourages the prevention and control of airborne and waterborne pollution associated with your asset’s location and use. 

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