Performance Improvement

Scope Of The Project

In response to providing a healthy and sustainable workplace, a high street estate agency sought to have a BREEAM In-Use assessment conducted on their leasehold shop front offices.  Our assessment focused on Part 1 of BREEAM In-Use assessment, the asset’s performance in terms of construction, fixtures, fittings and installed services.

Tools For Tasks Implementation

Using BREEAM’s on-line tools, a detailed review of all elements of asset performance were provided and measured against BREEAM In-Use national benchmarks for similar assets. Our benchmarking process cut across a range of environmental issues, such as

  • Management
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Energy, Transport, and Water
  • Materials, waste, and pollution
  • Land use and ecology


The key recommendations based on the BREEAM In-use assessments are:

  • Create an action plan to clarify the actions, goals, formulate a timeline for specific tasks to be completed, and determine what resources are required
  • Develop sustainability key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Install energy efficient lighting system

Challenges For Tasks Implementation

The In-Use assessment indicated a score of 2 stars (34.7%), showing that there was scope for development. As client did not own the freehold to the shop front offices, it was important that any recommendations were pragmatic and achievable.

Key Achievements

The assessment provided a holistic approach to mitigating the office’s operational impact on the environment. Our recommendations included installing an energy efficient lighting system.

Benefits For Clients

Meeting the sustainability targets of BREEAM In-Use assessments will benefit our client by a reducing the overall running costs as well as demonstrating leadership and increased market visibility though environmental certification.