Sustainability is a key issue for organisations around the world today. While many builds were not originally constructed with fewer carbon emissions in mind, it can be possible to create a net zero energy building.

This looks at what net zero means, and how any building can achieve a net zero building.

What Are Net Zero Buildings?

Most commonly used to describe commercial buildings, net zero buildings are those with a zero net energy consumption. This means that the building only consumes the amount of energy that can be produced by its own renewable energy source. The renewable energy source can be on site or near the structure.

Net zero buildings can significantly keep an organisation on track for meeting its sustainability goals. Since the building itself does not usually contribute any amount of greenhouse gasses, the organisation will not be polluting the environment.

Why Are Net Zero Buildings Important?

Net zero energy buildings are important because they reduce the annual number of carbon emissions into the environment, protecting the earth’s atmosphere from additional damage.

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Traditional buildings are responsible for consuming upwards of 40 percent of fossil fuel energy. Since net zero buildings run on their own source of renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, they reduce the need to drill for and burn this non-renewable resource.

How Do Organisations Create Net Zero Buildings?

Organisations can create net zero buildings by investing in renewable energy sources. This can significantly decrease energy costs in the future as the cost for using fossil fuels continue to increase each year. By investing in renewable energy for buildings, organisations can experience ROI as soon as the energy storage is paid off.

In order to create net zero energy, buildings must have access to an electrical grid on-site or nearby that stores energy. This energy can be generated and stored from renewable sources such as solar and wind. In addition to using renewable energy, organisations should employ energy efficient technologies such LED lighting and efficient HVAC units to reduce the amount of energy that needs to be consumed.

How Can Sustain Quality Help My Organisation?

Sustain Quality offers a consultancy service that opens up a team of sustainability professionals that are dedicated to helping organisations save on energy costs. Our engineers are incredibly knowledgeable in the steps that need to be taken to create net zero buildings for organisations of all sizes. From finding the electrical energy storage that fits your needs to determining energy efficient technologies your building can use, Sustain Quality will be able to identify the best solutions for your organisation.

Some of the assessments that may be used to best determine how you can meet net zero energy include:

A net zero building is the first step to meeting your sustainability goals.

Our dedicated team offers sustainability consulting in London that will help you achieve your goals quickly. We can help your organisation reduce carbon emissions and meet other green initiatives. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

SAP calculations ebook | Sustain quality

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