Noise Impact and Vibration Assessments 

Noise Impact Assessment can help assess sound levels at proposed new residential premises

Often local authorities ask for the impact of noise on nearby residential properties from a proposed commercial development or how new residential units will be impacted by existing noise from highways or train lines. As part of the planning permission, there could be a requirement as to how the noise impact will be reduced or brought in line with the existing background noise levels.

We provide BS4142 Environmental Noise Assessment service.

As well as being required as part of a planning application, or within the conditions of consent, acoustic assessments can also include Noise Impact assessments, investigating nuisance complaints or compliance under BREEAM. We undertake numerous investigations in accordance with PPG24 and BS4142.

As expert noise consultants we are fully equipped to carry out full noise assessment and surveys in many situations, including:

  • Site monitoring to ensure compliance with planning consent
  • Acoustic testing for building regulations
  • Investigation of nuisance complaints
  • Workplace noise assessments
  • Industrial noise assessments
  • Factory noise assessments
  • Noise impact assessments
  • Traffic noise assessments
  • Reports for planning applications

Noise can be serious issue for many people across the UK. It can cause stress, delay planning consents and lead to financial penalties for businesses.

By using BS 4142 organisations can assess the impact of noise (Noise Impact assessment) – it is designed to give consistent results across situations ranging from a single air-conditioning unit to a large installation such as an oil refinery.

BS 4142 for Noise Impact assessment can help assess sound levels at proposed new residential premises, enable the investigation of complaints any determining sound levels, reduce likelihood of financial penalties and supports current UK planning and Environment Agency guidance.

Our Noise Impact assessment carefully follows the Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24). This policy aims to minimise the advert impact of noise.

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