BREEAM New Construction

BREEAM aims to ensure that its standards provide social and economic benefits whilst mitigating the environmental impact of the built environment.

BREEAM is an independent, third party certification of a developements’ sustainable credentials that assess the design, construction, intended use and future-prrofing of new building developments. The New Construction standards are currently in use in over 69 countries. The assessment criteria process focuses on the design of the building from concept stage to completion.

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BREEAM New Construction

The New Construction can be used to assess new non-domestic buildings at the design and construction stages. There is a variaty of non-domestic building types, such as commercial offices, prisons and multi-residential accommodation.

The new construction make a difference to property investors, owners and occupiers by :

  • Considering impacts and costs from a lifecycle perspective
  • Reducing operational costs
  • enhancing the buidlings economic and social value whilst mitigating its environmental impact
  • creating better living and working environments for people, enhancing occupant satisfaction
  • driving improvement in sustainable building approaches and technologies
  • Contributing to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership

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