Communities Assessments

BREEAM aims to ensure that its standards provide social and economic benefits whilst mitigating the environmental impact of the built environment.

BREEAM is an independent, third party certification of a developements’ sustainable credentials that assess the design, construction, intended use and future-prrofing of new building developments.

BREEAM Communities

The BREEAM Communities can be used to assess the performance of medium to large scale developments, such as new communities and regeneration projects.

Services BREEAM Communities Assessments Sustain Quality

The BREEAM Communities Standard make a difference to property investors, owners and occupiers by:

  • Helping to create sustainable communities that are good for the environment, its people and are also economically succesful
  • Embedding sustainable principles and goals within the masterplan from the outset helping to create places where people want to live and work, enhancing employee satisfaction
  • Providing a framework to improve efficiencies during the masterplanning process
  • Facilitating the planning process with tools and targets to assist with the sustainable decision making