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Introducing forward thinking sustainability solutions, strategies and corporate governance, using recognised methods, compliance & frameworks for commercial & residential organisations, bodies & the built environment.

Looking at the best & most protective outcomes through the use of standard & innovative sustainability methods, legislation,  & compliance that accelerates & looks to eradicate negative environmental & societal impact to benefit businesses, people and our communities — working towards minimising the widely & worldly felt effects of climate change.

Topics Covered:

  • Introducing (COP) Conference of The Parties: Looking at the complexities, pledges & outcomes, highlights as well as the COP impact upon businesses & the global priority of climate change to negate the increasing side effects across the world. Also, discussing The Paris Agreement, bringing forward reduction emission plans & delivering against 2030 & 2050 goals and for businesses/organisations/bodies to take collective responsibility & to further protect our planet.
  • Understanding Greenhouse Gases: Looking at the UK government’s ‘green industrial revolution’ strategy, why GHG’s exists, The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Scope Emissions, Net-Zero GHG targets, along with ethical & sustainable business choices.
  • Impactful & Sustainable Investing: Showcasing environmental & sustainable acronyms and their meaning, their impact to businesses, organisations, people and the environment. Specifically looking at: ESGs, SRIs and Science-Based targets (SBTi) alongside the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) & standards, the role of SDGs & The UN, The EU Directive for Non-Financial Reporting (NFRD), plus, additional standards such as EU Taxonomy & the PPN-0621 Carbon Reduction Plan.
  • Achieving Targets, Net Zero & Green Growth: Understanding net-zero, how we achieve it and its importance to us and our climate. Looking at: The Paris Agreement & Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), climate reflections, transparency, support & other bodies. Seeing how we can align our efforts for sustained change, working towards climate targets that benefit business, society, communities as well as contributions towards targets, green growth & net-zero.

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