The Sustainability Assessment, Rating and Awards Scheme for Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Landscaping and Works in Public Spaces

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CEEQUAL Award Certification

CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects.

Our CEEQUAL assessors are trained to assist the project team thorough the project from the outset.

Assessing Projects

There are six CEEQUAL Award types for Projects in UK & Ireland and International schemes. 


Whole Team Award

This is the full CEEQUAL Award applied jointly by the client, designer, and principal contractor(s).


Interim Client & Design Award

It is part of the Whole Team Award. This enables project teams to add a verified Assessment during the design stage of a Whole Team Award.


Client & Design Award
This is a joint application by the client and designer. This assesses the construction stage that has not yet been secured, or where the contractor does not wish to participate in a Whole Team Award


Design Award
Principal designer(s) only. This can be useful to enable the designer to secure experience of CEEQUAL without the involvement of the other parties to the project.


Design & Construction Award
This is a joint application by the contractor and their designer. This can be useful where the designer and contractor wish to gain recognition for their contribution to a project.


Construction Award
Principal contractor(s) only. This is useful to enable the contractor to secure experience of CEEQUAL without the involvement of the other parties to the contract.

For Large, complicated and long duration projects 

It is possible to apply multi-package assessments. Find more information here.

Term Contracts

There are two Award types available under CEEQUAL for Term Contracts:


Whole Team Award & Assessment
Available for use when the client mandates the use of CEEQUAL on a contract. Under this award Section 1: Client Contract Strategy is mandatory.


Delivery Award & Assessment
Available for where the contractor(s) and designer(s) making up the contract delivery team wish to use CEEQUAL to assess their performance without the direct instruction or involvement of the Client.

Who uses CEEQUAL? What benefits do they gain?

Public sector clients, such as Government departments, local and regional authorities, executive agencies of Government, and arms-length utilities procuring and operating assets for the public good.


Private sector clients, such as water companies, power companies and ports operators, and developers (who can use CEEQUAL to assess infrastructure associated with building developments).


Reported benefits from public and private sector clients using

CEEQUAL include:


–       Embedding sustainable practicesfrom early in a project’s life, often resulting in long-term cost savings

–       Reputational benefits and reducing reputational risk

–       Demonstration of delivery of environmental, sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility policies, and positive reinforcement of high performance

–       Measurement of the sustainability of development projects and their comparison with other in-house projects and competitors

–       Using CEEQUAL provides a single standard industry benchmark for sustainability performance.


Designers, including mainstream civil engineering designers, architects for building developments with significant associated infrastructure, landscaping designers, utilities designers, and electrical and mechanical engineering design companies involved in infrastructure projects and contracts.


Reported benefits from project designers using CEEQUAL include:


–      Scrutiny of designs and processes through value engineering to ensure efficiency and sustainability

–      Ensuring that sustainability is an important design consideration from the outset and that design decisions take into account sustainability outcomes

–      Identifying and implementing enhancement opportunities.


Contractors, including but not confined to mainstream civil engineering, landscaping and utilities contractors, and electrical and mechanical engineering contractors involved in infrastructure.


Reported benefits from project contractors using CEEQUAL include:


–      Cost savings driven by sustainability considerations such as reduced resource consumption and alternative material choices

–      Being a key driver for delivery and implementationof environmental and sustainability improvements initiated on projects

–      Improving project management, providing a systematic approach to tracking management activities and associated sustainability effects within an overall framework of best sustainability practice

–      Being used as a robust tool to analyse and evaluate sustainability throughout the construction phase

–      Helping to develop a positive performance attitude and promoting project team cohesiveness

–      Increasing competitiveness between project and contract teams.

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