346 Clapham Road Sustainable Consulting Project

Scope of 346 Clapham Road Sustainable Consulting Project

Sustain Quality Ltd was appointed to provide environmental services for 346 Clapham Road. We supported the development, which included the demolition of an existing office building and the creation of a mixed-use redevelopment scheme, featuring Class E office space on the ground and lower ground floors, along with 30 residential units on upper floors. In line with London Borough of Lambeth policies, our services aimed to showcase environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. These comprehensive services contributed to meeting local planning requirements and actively supporting London’s vision of becoming a zero-carbon city by 2050.

Tools for Tasks Implementation

We facilitated the implementation of sustainable practices by utilising specific tools: energy and sustainability statement informed by SAP and SBEM calculations and energy hierarchy; Thermal Comfort Assessments for commercial and residential units (TM52 and TM59 respectively); a circular economy statement and whole life cycle analysis (using the RICS Methodology); and a BREEAM Pre-Assessment (following RIBA stages 2 and 3).

Challenges for Tasks Implementation

The successful execution of the environmental services for this project was not without its share of challenges. The challenges we incurred during the project were mainly delays in receiving data and the occurrence of design changes. These challenges were addressed by developing a robust process which ensured efficient communication and swift adaption to design alterations.


The report assesses an extensive range of sustainability and quality criteria and gives recommendations to the project team for the demolition and replacement of existing building.  The following solutions listed below reflect a commitment to creating buildings that not only meet immediate needs but also contribute positively to the long-term well-being of both occupants and the environment:

  • Constant engagement with clients
  • Flexibility to key design
  • Team training and empowerment
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Improved building design
  • Thermal standards
  • Managing waste
  • End of life strategy
  • Building circularity
  • Resource efficiency
  • Sustainable materials
  • Considerate construction
  • Minimising construction site impacts

Key Achievements

The proposed energy strategy is predicted to deliver the planning policy target i.e., sets out a requirement for net zero emissions, with a minimum 35% reduction in carbon emissions on-site for demolition of 30 residential units and some commercial spaces. Dynamic thermal modelling has been conducted for all rooms within the residence which meet the TM59 criteria, marking a significant accomplishment in our key objectives.

Benefits for Clients

The Energy and Sustainability Report strongly supports the clients’ planning application by demonstrating its commitment to a sustainable development and future sustainability requirements. They gained the advantages of a customised energy strategy, assurance of dynamic thermal comfort, alignment with stakeholders, and strict adherence to sustainability criteria. These elements collectively position the project as a benchmark, surpassing client expectations and setting a standard for excellence in project delivery.



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