The Summary of Changes from SAP 2012 to SAP 10

We can only use SAP 2012 for compliance, in the meantime we can review the relevant changes from SAP10


SAP 2012 must continue to be used for Building Regulation compliance and for producing Energy Performance Certificates until further notice. 

SAP 10 has been published to allow readers to compare it to SAP 2012 and understand the methodological changes made ahead of any future official use. The method will need some changes in preparation for its eventual use, e.g. following the Part L consultation expected to take place during 2019.

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  • Relevant updates from SAP 2012 to SAP 10
  • Fully updated
  • Learn before the government implements it. 

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Welcome to our most up to date information about the changes from SAP 2012 that will be implemented on the new version (SAP 10). SAP 10 should be available in 2019 but in the meantime SAP 2012 should be used for compliance.

Want an insight on how the new SAP 10 differs from the SAP 2012?

Well here are the most relevant changes…


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