Due to the UK government’s declaration of a Climate Emergency, the urgency to address carbon emissions has become paramount. As part of this, the government has set out to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

The construction industry has taken on this mission by reducing the emissions of the sector through efficiency savings, renewable energy and offsets. This mission is one of two parts: achieving net zero carbon in the construction and operation of new builds by 2030, and all buildings by 2050. 

The Green Building Council has set out a framework for how organisations in the industry can work towards this goal where all new and existing buildings and their associated emissions are measured and dramatically reduced in order to achieve a country full of net-zero buildings.  In the commercial sector, net-zero buildings are of even more importance, due to their likelihood of being larger and more energy-consuming than residential. 

In this blog, we will discuss how BREEAM NC and Refurb can support commercial building developers and contractors in their steps to becoming net zero. 

What is BREEAM NC? 

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a sustainability assessment method that is used to plan projects, infrastructure and buildings.  BREEAM New Construction (NC) is a standard for new construction projects that can be achieved through meeting a set of criteria set by BREEAM.

The criteria assess the design, construction and the use of the building and how future-proofed the development is. This standard can be applied to all types of new construction including extensions to existing buildings.  From focussing on the process of new construction, from design to finished product, the assessment ensures all decisions agreed during the development of the building are carried out and meet the standard of the BREEAM assessment.

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What is BREEAM Refurb? 

BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit Out (RFO) assessment is a standard for developers and building owners for projects that are refurbishments. The criteria covers the sustainability impact of the development including the design and construction and how it performs before and after the refurbishment works are carried out. 

The assessment covers the external building, the structure, the services and the interior design of the building. If the project meets the standard of the BREEAM assessment, then it will be certified as a high-quality refurbishment or fit-out. 

How BREEAM NC and Refurb Support Net Zero Projects? 

Across a building project’s timeline, carbon emissions are being produced and released into the atmosphere, in various ways and across a variety of construction supply chains.

Making certain design choices also impacts the operational carbon emissions of a building, for its entire lifetime  Planning and measuring these carbon emissions allow building developers to achieve net-zero while simultaneously achieving better performance on all aspects of the design and development, becoming BREEAM NC or Refurb certified.

SAP calculations ebook | Sustain quality

How Can Sustain Quality Help My Organisation? 

When an organisation turns to us at Sustain Qualitythey gain access to a team of professionals that are dedicated to providing services that help save on energy costs.  

Sustainability consultants are incredibly knowledgeable in the steps that need to be taken to create net-zero buildings for organisations of all sizes. From finding the electrical energy storage that fits your needs to determining energy-efficient technologies your building can use, sustainability consulting will be able to identify the best solutions for your organisation. 

Some of the assessments that may be used to best determine how you can meet net-zero energy include: 

A net-zero building is the epitome of a high-quality building and property organisation. Our dedicated team offers sustainability consulting Nationwide that will help you achieve your sustainability goals.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us today to set up a consultation. We can help your organisation reduce carbon emissions and meet other green initiatives. 

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