Creating Energy Reliability

Scope Of The Project

London Borough of Hounslow’s Brentford Towers Estate consists of six tower blocks that required major refurbishment to address the buildings’ deteriorating structure as well as address concerns of ambient noise penetrating the building façade. Our noise and vibration assessments determined ambient noise levels and informed the design and installation requirements to meet the overall refurbishment objectives.

Tools For Tasks Implementation

Noise and vibration surveys were conducted to assess worst-case scenario façade noise and vibration exposure. Our method included collecting data at various points across the estate, including gathering ambient, background and maximum sound pressure and vibration levels. The data was then analysed using façade-modeling software.

Challenges For Tasks Implementation

Brentford Towers Estate is a relatively large estate that consists of six tower blocks, with each block is 24 stories high with a communal Upper Ground and Lower Ground Floor and 22 floors of residential accommodation.

The scale of the site and its multitude of aspects was further complicated by the proximity of the buildings to a busy road traffic. Subjective assessment of the background and ambient noise sources could not be done for the whole duration because the noise survey was unmanned.


To meet the required noise and vibration levels after the refurbishment of Brentford Tower Estate, our recommendations included;

  • Limiting the use of mechanical ventilation to kitchens and bathrooms only
  • Use of passive wall or window ventilators
  • Replacing windows with double or triple glazing

Key Achievements

By implementing the proposed sound insulation measures, Brentford Towers Estate will achieve a 34dB Rw noise reduction, which exceeds the requirements of BS 8233:2014 guidelines on internal noise criteria.

Benefits For Clients

The proposed sound and vibrations reduction strategy provides the residents at Brentford Towers Estate with quieter homes and a more pleasant habitable environment overall.