Limiting Air Pollution

Scope Of The Project

The Mercury House expansion plans will provide an additional nineteen two-bedroom units by developing the rooftops of an existing five residential blocks. Supporting the feasibility and planning process, we developed a strategy for air pollution management to meet the Hounslow Council’s Air Quality requirements.

Tools For Tasks Implementation

An Air Quality assessment was made to identify the existing pollution levels and air quality within the immediate area of the proposed development. Readings from existing receptors installed near Mercury House were used to compare annual targets for air quality regulation standards.

Our air pollution management strategy was based on data analysis of the existing receptors and the Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Annual Status Report for 2017.


Our air pollution management strategy provides a variety of recommendations to improve air quality and reduce air pollution in the Mercury House units, including;

  • Providing an electric vehicle for transport
  • Control dust emission during construction
  • Station machinery and dusty activities away from receptors
  • Implement machinery and sustainable travel
  • Proper waste management
  • Limit dust causing activities

Challenges For Tasks Implementation

Project constraints limited independent data gathering and measurements. To overcome this, we used the existing receptors on site at Mercury House and compiled data from Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Annual Status Report for 2017.

Key Achievements

Our recommendations allow Mercury House to limit their NO2 and PM10 concentrations to less than 25% of the Air Quality Limit (AQL), ensuring the impact of emissions related to the proposed development will be negligible and in accordance with the EPUK and IAQM guidance on air quality.

Benefits For Clients

The Air Quality Assessment and management strategy outlines how to achieve air quality and emission levels below the Hounslow requirements and will provide the residents at Mercury House clean and pollution free homes.