BREEAM Engagement, Timeframe and Cost Implications 

Early engagement with the BREEAM UK NC scheme and appointment of a licensed Assessor is important to achieve optimal integration of the methodology into the new-build procurement process. 


At early stage, the performance of the building and the desired BREEAM rating can be achieved while there is greater flexibility and choice in design solutions and spending decisions. 

This ebook helps clients and design teams to understand when they should ideally engage with BREEAM and appoint a BREEAM Advisory Professional (AP) and BREEAM Assessor.

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  • Learn about BREEAM Engagement, Timeframe and Cost Implication
  • Relevant information about BREEAM NC 2018
  • Fully updated

This ebook has been extracted and adapted from BREEAM UK New Construction, Non-domestic Building (United Kingston), Technical Manual, SD5078 – BREEAM UK New Construction  2018 v. 3.

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