The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires that local authorities take into account the presence of Air Quality Management Areas and the cumulative impact on air quality from developments when making planning decisions. In London, the NPPF is augmented by the London Councils Air Quality and Planning Guidance.

In general, where a proposed development is in an area of poor air quality and/or will have a significant impact on air quality of the surrounding area (either directly or indirectly), an air quality assessment will need to accompany the planning application. On occasion, the local authority may be prepared to consider the air quality assessment post planning, as a reserved matter.

Air Quality Assessment Services

We work with independent air quality consultants for planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) purposes. These assessments examine the impact of both the construction and operational phases. The impacts are compared to UK air quality criteria defined within relevant air quality guidance or objectives. The assessment may also discuss the mitigation measures that will need to be adopted. Such measures will focus on the reduction of emissions during the construction phase.

Our Air Quality assessment carefully consider the NPPF which clearly stated that decisions should sustain and contribute towards compliance with relevant limit values or nationality objectives for pollutants, taking into account the present of Air Quality Management Areas and Clean Zones.

The Air Quality assessment will identify opportunities to improve air quality or mitigate impacts, such as through traffic and travel management, and green infrastructure provision and enhancement.

Planning decisions will ensure  that any new development in Air Quality Management Areas and Clean Air Zones is consistent with the local air quality action plan. The Air Quality assessment will ensure that all these requirement is assessed.

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